John Vicencio created the SMCoogle (es-em-coo-gle) Search Engine web program in Professor James Geddes Jr's Computer Science 80 (Internet Programming) 2014 class at Santa Monica College.


SMCoogle Search Engine web application (app) is a program that searches, records a URL address (and content of it) and identifies search items in a database based on recorded contents from it. SMCoogle demonstrates dynamic web programming (PHP with SQL on Linux Apache MySQL PHP or LAMP framework) with responsive design (CSS3 with HTML5) as the User Interface (UI) based on the Model View Controller or MVC programming model.


SMCoogle's construction (its programming) follows this bueprint. It follows the MVC approach since the scripts used (controller) send/receive the request from the user keyword submission (view) from the database (model). Search engine web page itself is a dynamic website which changes based on the user keyword submission; it is a program or a web app that runs on a browser but mostly the same technologies used on many (static) websites (HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3) in addition to some programming languages (JavaScript, PHP) as well as a database on the server.